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Product description

The first workshop part-
The second part - the test
Practical work
Perform complex analysis, the following tasks:
1. Rewrite the text, inserting, where necessary, the missing letters and punctuation marks. Designate these orfogrammy and graphically punktogrammy
2. Specify the characteristics on which the passage can be regarded as text
3. Determine the style of the text, based on the characteristics of the functional styles of the Russian language
4. Analyze the vocabulary of the text in terms of the scope of use. Indicate if any, neobscheupotrebitelnuyu vocabulary, explain the reasons for its use in the text
5. Determine the kind of text genre
6. What type of question is this text (narration, description, reasoning) Show
7. Find and write words (phrases, sentences) that are interesting from the point of view of speech. Specify the types of rules for them and the right options
Language is a product of society (eg, nn) \u200b\u200bthe second activity is distinctive individuals (n, nn) \u200b\u200bspine society.
And why do we need a language? What is the person (member) separate it?
(In) the first order, so that people can exchange ideas at every kind sovmes ... tion activities, ie it is necessary as a means of communication.
(In) the second language need to maintain and consolidate the collective experience of mankind to achieve social practice. When Archimedes discovered his law, the first thing he did in this case, -sformuliroval this law in the words he expressed his thought so that it became easy to understand and very modern and comfortable (H, HH), ICAM, and our distant descendants. When you're in school you achieve internalize society (H, HH) On the experience of textbooks where necessary details are given (n, nn) \u200b\u200bs in the form of language.
Finally (c) third language is necessary for a person to use it to express their thoughts feelings emotions. For example in verse conveys most people sokrove (n, nn) \u200b\u200bs thought Chu-OPERATION survived ... ... tion. And all this because of the language.
Without language (not) be the person because everything that there is in him a human, due to the language, expressed in the language and sa ... bea ... ll in the language.

1. On the basis of the Slavic languages \u200b\u200bwere formed South Slavic languages, East Slavic, West Slavic groups. Which of these groups gives the possibility of three separate languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, which are made with the formation of nations in distinct languages?
A) South Slavic
B) East Slavic
B) Western Slavic
2. The process of the emergence of separate languages \u200b\u200b(Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian) occurs
A) as a result of communicating the Slavic tribes to the V-VI centuries. BC.
B) as a result of the formation of the ancient Russian nationality within the Kiev State in the IX.
B) as a result of the collapse of the Kievan state in the XIV-XV centuries.
3. What are the means of subsistence language
A) team communication (communicative)
B) thinking (cognitive)
B) the preservation and transmission of cultural and historical traditions (accumulative)
4. Draw the line vocabulary: 1) the limited scope of the vocabulary of communication 2) vocabulary unlimited scope of communication
A) Dialects
B) colloquial
B) jargons
D) literary language
5. Which of the forms of the national language exists only in oral form and is used for everyday communication, obihodno
A) territorial dialects
B) colloquial
B) jargons
D) literary language
6. For some of the forms of existence of the national language is characterized by a special vocabulary and phraseology
A) Dialects
B) colloquial
B) jargons
D) literary language
7. Match the unit and the levels of language
1. The words of A. phonetic level
2. Forms and classes of words B. Morphemic level
3. Sounds, phonemes B. Lexi

Additional information

9. Specify what criteria associated with the norm of the literary language
A) Obraztsova
B) polyfunctionality
B) social significance
10. What aspects include the concept of "culture of speech"
A) standard
B) communicative
B) Ethics
11. The accuracy, clarity, purity, richness and diversity, expressiveness rechi- main components
A) regulatory aspects of speech
B) the communicative aspect of speech
B) the ethical dimension of speech
12. The language rule is obligatory
A) only for speech
B) only for writing
B) for both oral and written language for
13. What method is used in the oxymoron
A) Homonymy
B) antonymy
14. Match the definition and determined
1. Terms of Use
morphological forms of different parts of speech pronouncing the norm A.
and syntax
2. Terms of use of words in speech B. Lexical norm
3. Rules sounding speech B. Grammatical norm
15. In order to form a national language norm plays the role of "filter"
16. For a functional style of speech characterized by the use of terminological vocabulary, the use of ambiguous words in one sense, the widespread use of specific vocabulary in comparison with the abstract, the absence of spoken language; uniformity and isolation lexical structure, resulting in less use of synonyms; it is accurate and logical thought, its consistent performance and an objective presentation
17. The function of social regulation predyavlyaet text of this style unambiguous reading
18. Match the species verbosity, speech, or redundancy, data definitions
1. Use in a speech near A. Pleonasm
within the meaning of, and therefore further ado
1. Re-designation of the other B. A tautology
words have called concepts
19. Match the definition and determined
1. Words and expressions mitigating A. Anachronism
rough sense of the speech, which is often explained by
the author's desire to blunt the critical
sharpness statements when describing negative events
2. Violation of the chronological accuracy in B. Euphemism
Used words associated with a particular
historical epoch
20. Comparison of incompatible concepts-it
21. Determine the number of words with the wrong accent
A) aristocracy, pamper, flint, schav spruce
B) religion, bureaucracy, dowry ease
22. What is the language norm is broken
1) Railway rail French shampoo, big toes, by registered post, black coffee
2) Examination plan somewhere in June. I have a book in bed shkaf.22.
23. Verbosity
24. What kind of speech inaccuracy allowed in phrases
The time period, a souvenir, a free vacancy autobiography life, folklore.
25. What is the mistake in speech proposals
Spring came, martens will soon appear in succession. I decided to become an officer because I want to continue the family dynasty.
A) use of the word without its semantics
B) violation of lexical compatibility
26. What kind of lexical errors in a sentence
In ancient Rome, the laws of disgruntled tribes staged rallies.
27. Is there a grammatical error in the sentence
Increased generation for whom war-history
28. What are the highlighted words
Not you, but Sima
He suffered unbearable
Water Neva wearable
29. What is a stylistic device used in a sentence
You are poor and abundant you, you and the mighty, and impotent, Mother Russia (N.A.Nekrasov)
30. What kind of indeclinable nouns
31. Find the verb form is not used in the 1st person singular
32. Determine what words are antonyms
33. Which group of words is: 1) historicism 2) archaisms
34. Relate Paronyms (right) in accordance with their lexical meaning
35. Which pair allocated in the form of a noun p. n. pl. h. violate morphological norm
36. Note how the expression contains a metaphor


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